CUBE3 is an E.R.P. 2nd generation system that allows management and control of all business operations through an integrated solution. Thanks to its structure its possible to have a Client / Server or directly on the WEB type of management.

All business major processes are automated in CUBE3, ensuring a 360° view of the needed data:
- Customers / Suppliers registry
- Products / Services archieve
- Active Cycle (Offers, Orders, Shipping documents, Invoices, Credit Notes)

- Passive Cycle (Offers, Orders, Shipping documents, notes of Debt)
- PDF mamagement
- Ri.Ba management
- Automated Billing
- Administrative Schedule
- Ticket Management
- Performance Management
- Coge Management (Chart of Accounts, Financial Reasons Automate, Journal Entry, Registration deadlines, budget)
- Light Management Control
- Advanced Management Control
- Document Management
- Minutes Management
- Management Communications
- Geo Localization
- Depreciation Management
- Directly online updated Store

In addiction CUBE3 allows to have
Inside company alerts;
Technical alerts directly with our software department;
Automated updates of releases so to be always updated to the latest version;
Customized updates for each individual client.
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